How our service works


Register vehicle

In the first step, you enter information about your vehicle. The system guides you through the process for registering your vehicle.

The information required includes, for example, your registration number or the vehicle category (car or trailer).


Select e-vignette

In the second step, you select the desired vignette. You can choose from a number of validity periods for your vignette:

  • 10 days
  • 30 days
  • 365 days
If you do not intend to travel on the day on which you register for your e-vignette, you can also select a date in the future from which you want it to be valid (start date).

Pay online and hit the road

In the final step, you pay the charges. The cost of the registration service depends on the relevant vehicle category and the validity period you select for your e-vignette. The gross price payable will be calculated and displayed during the registration process.

You can pay by PayPal and all major credit cards. Once your payment has been processed, your registration number will be registered within a matter of few minutes.
Safe journey!

Please note that once you’ve registered for your e-vignette, you’ll no longer be able to cancel the agreement. You can find more information about this here.

Register for an e-vignette now